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portrait of a man in pastel.
Sarah Leonard is currently an A.I.R at Fortune Works, Drumchapel,  and has been since 2016.
“I am currently involved in a portraiture project and the Exhibition will be part of the L.D.A ( Learning Disabilities of America’s ) annual conference this year. It was to have been in New Orleans and has been moved online.
I’ve been invited to talk about my arts practise at the  C.E.S ( International Conference of Europeanists, Columbia
University ) in June. Was to have been at University of Iceland, and also moved online.
Hopefully we will be able to attend the conferences in person next year, and looking forward to that.
I’m very excited about these incredible opportunities to show the work we’ve been doing at Fortune Works and
please come and visit when the Centre reopens. You will receive a warm welcome! Everyone loves the experience!
I can be contacted by email and on the Fortune Works Facebook. We also have Instagram.”
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