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Sebastian is an independent exhibition maker and artist whose work pushes towards a softer world for research. Their practice is inherently interdisciplinary and their undergraduate degree is from the University of Saint Andrews with a specialisation in Nuclear Physics. They are originally from Bridgewater, CT in the United States and have worked with institutions such as NEW Inc in New York City, Atlas Arts in Skye, and the Counterflows Music Festival in Glasgow.

Sebastian has worked across disciplines to facilitate art and research. Previously they have worked with poetry, art writing, review, exhibition, linocutting, sculpture, CG art, and music. They view the curator as a co-conspirator and facilitator. Their previous research into curation addresses hierarchies of knowledge and participation. Specifically, they have used science fiction as a tool for critical engagement with the arts by studying the works of Octavia Butler, Ursula LeGuin, and Samuel Delaney.

Sebastian’s goal is to coax these ideas forward. Through grassroots organisation and home-publication, discussions on science, language, and the arts can be continued past the confines of the workshop time and space. They emphasise pedagogical output rather than physical output; and value projects that are directed by the artists and participants.



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