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Sense Scotland’s Creative Arts Team work with people across many art forms and means of expression – some of our programmes are briefly described below. We work from our TouchBases, in schools and the community. Our practitioners take their lead from participants, allowing freedom for each individual to develop their own unique creativity.

Over the last 35 years at Sense Scotland, we have gained expertise in using the arts as a tool for communication and expression aiming to improve the quality of life of the people who use our services.

Sensatronic Lab is a unique project developed to enable people with additional support needs to make digital music. The programme presents participants with vital, tailored opportunities to express themselves, participate in music activities with others, and develop their own ideas and ways of communicating them through innovative multi-sensory creative experiences.

Lyrical is a new programme of workshops exploring accessible, interactive and diverse approaches to music through song appreciation and songwriting.

We offer a programme of music sessions which enable children who have additional support needs to learn through musical and expressive play. These sessions can help to inspire and stir curiosity, confidence, creativity and imagination.

The performance group is made up of artists we support who are interested in using their bodies in a visual arts capacity. We upcycle everyday materials in our sessions, exploring their sensory properties and creating performative experiences. We look to create props, costume, characters, movement and actions through the use of play and visual experimentation.

The artists we support use traditional materials and methods such as drawing and painting, or explorative options including sensory materials, textures and smells, to create their artwork. This artwork may be in the form of 2D, 3D, traditional or digital work.

Sense Scotland regularly exhibits and showcases the work of artists we support in a variety of venues and settings.



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