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I am a artist, author, filmmaker and social justice activist. I spent over a decade working in Afghanistan on women’s rights projects alongside Afghan women and youth. I created the first pop-up street art installation in Afghanistan, Streets of Afghanistan, as a collaboration with Afghan and international photographers to engage with local communities through public art. Since then I have continue to use street art and public art installations as a way to engage social justice conversations with community engagement. I have installed murals and pop up installations in multiple countries usually focusing on wheat paste mediums. I also lead youth workshops in social justice artivism. I have published two books about my work and I am a global speaker at human rights conferences including the United Nations, the Italian Parliament, TEDx stages, and I am a Fellow with the Royal Society of the Arts, and a Fellow with the Explorers Club. My work as a human rights activist and explore informs my work and has led to collaborations with National Geographic and My membership with the Society of Women Geographers.

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