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Sian Smith's painting 'momnet' on chiffon depicting light shining through a forest.

Sian Smith is a Glasgow born and based artist who graduated with an MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2018. While living in New York City, she found herself meditating on the haunting beauty and comforting silence of Scotland. Feeling a frustration in trying to convey this through her typical medium of oil on canvas – finding it too ‘definite’- she began searching for a new language. It was at this point she began experimenting with chiffon, drawn to its seeming weightlessness and the way it moved when a slight draft moves through it. As a result, her paintings began to speak directly of the haunting temporality she had been seeking convey when formed on top of the chiffon. Left to sway of their own accord, they look almost holographic as they flow in and out of focus, disappearing completely from behind.

Sian has received multiple awards for her work, exhibited both nationally and internationally and her work hangs in various private collections worldwide. Sian also has experience working on film sets, working as assistant to Lynne Ramsay on set of her 2011 film, ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ and most recently creating oil paintings for the set of the latest Wes Anderson film, ‘The French Dispatch.’

Sian also runs both private and group workshops on oil painting and drawing for all age groups.



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