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I am a multidisciplinary artist currently in my third year studying Sculpture and Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art. My practice explores the ideas of play, culture and identity.
By utilising domestic crafts, I create sculptures which highlight the issues of women in art historically and the place of craft in contemporary art. One of the goals of my work is to show the influence of women’s craft on the art world- something which was once seen as a useless pastime for bored housewives are actually skilled artist techniques. Through using hands-on labour-intensive techniques such as ceramics, knitting, beading, and sewing I work with purpose hoping to embed my thoughts, memories and hopes into the pieces I create.
In my work I like to explore childhood nostalgia and I often rely on children’s television from the 80’s through to the early 2000’s to inform parts of my work such a colour palette and costume appearance. The bright colourful worlds created for non-human entities to inhabit in children’s shows has had a large influence on me recently and I am working to create my own world for my knitted character. I hope to connect the public to the art word through craft and creating, I often feel that a large majority of the public is left out of art conversations.



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