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SGHET exists to advance, for the residents of South Glasgow and its environs, education in heritage and environment issues through the promotion of interest, appreciation, preservation, improvement and sustainability of all matters related to the heritage and environment of South Glasgow.

Our range of activities includes: publishing books, booklets and maps; hosting heritage talks; running local heritage walks under our own auspices and also for external festivals such as Glasgow Doors Open Days and Govanhill International Festival; research and presentations at external conferences including Scottish Civic Trust (2020), Black History Month Scotland (2021) and the Community Archive Heritage Group conference (2021); creating and maintaining a community heritage Archive for South Glasgow; collaborating with the community to document Southside heritage through archival and other projects; regularly publishing articles by SGHET members and guest authors on our website and writing for external magazines.

Recent participatory work includes: ‘Stories from the Southside’ (2019) poetry and prose booklet written by local community members; ‘South Glasgow Heritage Trails: A Guide’ (2019) written with support and input from various organisations including Colourful heritage, Scottish Jewish Archive Centre, Glasgow Womens Library, Fairfield Heritage and many others; ‘Southside Memories’ (2019-2020) area-based postcard project completed by the community for our archive; ‘Southside Lockdown Lens’ (2020) crowdsourcing project collating and preserving photos contributed by the community to our archive; and the Queen’s Park Activity Map for Kids (2020) distributed to the public centred on outdoor learning, drawing and discovering heritage and nature in a local green space during lockdown.



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