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Independent State of Happiness is lead by Gaelic-speaking artist Ariel Killick. Ariel is one of those rare street performers with not only years of professional entertainment experience in a wide range of contexts, from community to corporate & Celtic-language cultural events, but extensive experience as a multi-arts workshop facilitator, designing and delivering diverse workshop programmes for children & young people in both educational and extra-curricular contexts, up to and including directing creative consultation and content design & development for entire street theatre & spectacle parades.

Ariel also delivers Gaelic & Bilingual Contemporary Arts Workshops in Circus Skills, Graffiti Art, Lantern-Making & Street Spectacle Sculpture & Devising, Drama & Storytelling, as well as providing professional entertainment services as a Stilt Performer, with a range of characters for all seasons and contexts, as well as the highly entertaining Gaelic Comedy Street Theatre & Gaelic Outreach act, The Pop Up Gaelic Café.



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