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Stitch the Gap CiC is a not-for-profit, Social Enterprise providing affordable, accessible beginners sewing classes for children and adults. Developing life skills and confidence through the provision of a structured learning programme to support the development of skills for life. Profits are re-distributed back into the enterprise allowing those financially deprived the same opportunity and learning.

Valuing our clothes is at the heart of what our social mission is. We aim to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the disposal of clothing by reducing sales of garments to consumers, extend the useful life of clothes, increase supply and demand for pre-owned clothing, promote re-usable clothing and to keep clothes out of landfill. To achieve our aim, we upskill participants (young and old) who design, make and repair their own clothes and accessories in our supportive and creative classes. They learn to undertake simple and achievable projects using machinery and hand sewing skills. We discuss and decide on their projects together in order to encourage independent creative thinking along with encouraging social inclusion.

During the sessions, the participants learn how to use an entry-level sewing machine safely and correctly whilst developing a skill for life. Ensuring each machine is identical in the class will ensure there is consistency week to week.

We are also very keen to engage with children within areas where sewing machine classes are inaccessible to them so that they can gain life skills to impact their environment directly. To this aim, we hope to develop a lending library of sewing machines and provide affordable classes to a new generation of children.



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