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We use theatre and visual arts to share the extraordinary stories of ordinary people. We like to bring professional artists and community groups together to collaborate on our projects; our theatre productions are strongly interlinked with community-based workshops and activities, and our community projects are led by professional artists of a high calibre. We make touring theatre productions, walking tours, installations, audio dramas and exhibitions.

Recent theatre productions include My Friend Selma, a solo storytelling show for ages 8-11 telling the remarkable real-life story of a girl who fled war in Bosnia and found safety in the UK; and Invisible Army for ages 11-16, created in collaboration with a group of young carers in Glasgow, telling the story of a boy falling further and further into his imagination as a means of coping with a challenging reality.

We run two regular groups:
Glasgow As I See It – a group for visually impaired older people. The group meets fortnightly to explore local history, heritage, visual art and storytelling.
Young Carers Group – for young people aged 11-16 with caring responsibilities who meet regularly to explore a range of arts practices.

We also run shorter-term projects that engage a wide range of people from the local community.

We work in collaboration with other community organisations in Glasgow and across Scotland to engage participants and audiences. We reach a wide range of community groups with our work including women’s groups, refugees and asylum seekers, older people, and young people.



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