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We have been misled by an industry convincing us that exclusivity and suffering are required features of our art form. Industry has glorified the mistreatment of our bodies, our relationships and our minds.

We are passionate that we ought to take up an alternative space of our own, to practice a different way of filmmaking.

We exist for the many denied opportunities in the film industry and those struggling to maintain life within it.
We are calling out the current toxic reality of film work while dreaming, building and maintaining a real-world alternative.

Our projects challenge how we access the tools, the knowledge, the capacity and the community needed to create films.

Through accessible, diverse and healthy filmmaking we can nurture the voices and stories previously locked out from this medium, evolve the art form and reclaim our right to culture.

We have come together to build a bright alternative to the current filmmaking practice.

Join us on this ambition.



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