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The House is an upcoming grassroots gallery and studio space. A space dedicated to host creatives to give a voice to their free thinking. Set in the east end of Glasgow, The House sits on the Molendinar Burn in the old railway archways which once used to be the main joining between the East and Centre of Glasgow.

Our Manifesto:

Small Spaces for large use.

This is an attempt to hold space,
a reclaiming of ground, a leap of faith from the institutions roof
pushed to the edge by its bureaucratic silence
not but one radical bone left in its body
the money did away with that.
the spineless waiter serves, for a hefty tip.
And we have no money.
So go on working, interrogating, laughing, questioning,
follow this enquiry of yours,
it’s the most important thing there is.
We wish to support you as much as our time permits
And we have time.


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