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The Next Stage is a social media independent organisation aiming to raise awareness on the struggle performers in the UK have been going through since the pandemic. Recently we organised a very successful Sunday filming session ‘Afternoon at The Meadows’ were we managed to work with 18 songwriters to record live music alongside relevant interviews. With this project we got mentioned in parliament on a very heartfelt speech by Joan McAlpine MSP urging the minister of culture to take a look at our content as an example of how live music can safely go forward outdoors in order to support our local musicians. We managed to raise £500 to pay the performers for their time and effort for taking part. We are currently in the process of setting up an online workshop for young performers to have a space to write, record, film and produce their own content at the level we’ve been working at. We are a very inclusive outlet for performers in a time where opportunities are scarce and more competitive than its ever been.


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