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people at the people's bank of govanhill.

The People’s Bank of Govanhill was initiated by artist Ailie Rutherford during a residency at Govanhill Baths in 2015

What began as a series of currency experiments, ad-hoc exchanges and on-the-street discussions has grown into a long term collaborative project, mapping the local economy and expanding ideas of community currency to re-define our ideas of value, worth and distribution.

In 2017 The People’s Bank of Govanhill became a constituted community group, run collectively by a committee with a growing membership of local residents, artists and interested citizens.

Our new exchange space, Swap Market opened in September 2018 providing a space for swapping and sharing resources without the need for money. Swap Market works as a skills and knowledge exchange, workshop space as well as facilitating the exchange of goods, traditions and cultures; a place to work together to find innovative solutions to everyday problems. We work a different kind of stock exchange with our in-store “Swaps and Shares index”. Rather than the financial growth charted by the traditional stock market, we chart the growth of sharing in the local area.
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