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The Sound Lab are a grassroots organisation based in Glasgow; predominantly made up of a dedicated team of volunteers and expert tutors who bring free music and creativity to hundreds of people every year.

We deliver fun, accessible tuition courses to those who need it most, supporting them through educational creative workshops. We have over 15 years’ experience and have helped support thousands of participants break down barriers to access music.

Over the years we have delivered a huge variety of courses including guitar, drums, DJ skills, sound production, keyboard, digital music, singing, song-writing, graffiti, film-making and photography.
Our vision is that irrespective of age, gender, race, ethnicity or economic background, everyone should be able to access the resources and support they need to fulfil their creative potential. We believe ‘music matters’ and that music and creativity shouldn’t just be for those who can readily access it and afford it- it should be available to everyone.



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