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The Survivor Arts Community is a non-profit organisation based in Glasgow, Scotland that supports the artistic practices of survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse. We are founded on the belief that not only is art healing for survivors, but survivors’ art is a vital contribution to the art community. The Survivor Arts Community runs free creative projects and one-off workshops for survivors, creating a community of survivors while engaging the local public.

We aim to:

  • Support survivors’ artistic practices
  • Create community among survivors while engaging the local community
  • Promote art as activism by platforming survivors’ art to the public
  • Challenge public misconceptions regarding survivors and abuse

Past projects have ranged across different artforms, from creative writing to embroidery to music to visual art. An important part of our projects is public output, in which the creative work of survivors is platformed alongside that of professional artists. 


We’ve received some great feedback from the participants of past projects: 

‘this is a wonderful and a really important initiative, I haven’t come across anything like this before in Scotland […] You are doing wonderful work.’ (Participant of Uncovered Voices)

‘Thank you for organising all of this and putting the anthology together so brilliantly! It is beautifully done, full of wisdom and great illustrations – I’m very honoured to be a part of it.’ (Contributor to the Uncovered Voices anthology)

‘I think having my work in a prominent exhibition space was super cool. I loved the chatting at the workshops and meeting other survivors. The whole project has been fantastic for my confidence.’ (Participant of Toys for Survival)

‘I’ve really enjoyed connecting with other women I the project […] I feel that their strength and creativity has really boosted my own.’ (Participant of Toys for Survival)

‘Thank you for making such an amazing programme available to me, it was challenging and rewarding and overall a great experience.’ (Participant of Toys for Survival)



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