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The experience of living in a body, transience , memory, development, growth, the unconscious mind, dreaming, disintegration, change, attachment and detachment are areas of fascination and wonder for me.
My own practice runs alongside my creative work with people. Both are a necessary part of each other, complement and add to each other. I see an analogy to our need for relationship and interaction with others in life. We are evolved not to live in isolation but with balanced mutual dependency.
In my role as a creative facilitator , sessions are person centred and participant led. I have worked with groups and individuals: children, young people, adults with a range of abilities and disabilities. I have a wide experience of working in a range of settings: schools, hospitals, day centres, care homes. Sessions happen in internal, external or digital spaces, as best meets the needs of participants. I use a diverse range of media and materials facilitating processes of 2 and 3 dimensional making, spoken and written word, narrative, storytelling, performance.
I believe engaging in creative processes can open up our minds, give insight, enable leaps in our thinking , and so acting. In this way, Art can empower, give voice, enhance and enrich life for all those taking part. These ideals are at the core of my practice.
Currently I am developing work around women’s reproductive and sexual health issues throughout life informed by my lived experience. I explore the physical and psychological impact of menopausal related changes, particularly commonly experienced but infrequently spoken of, pelvic floor dysfunction. Through creative practice I aim to facilitate conversations to reduce the stigma and isolation women often feel. I aim to empower women the gain the best possible experience during this stage of our lives.



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