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Tiro Association for Arts (TAA) was established in 2014 as a non-governmental organisation located in Tyre, South Lebanon, registered under No. 2633. The Association works on encouraging the Southern local communities to further engage in arts and culture, outside of the existing political and religious settings. More specifically, TAA was founded upon the belief that these communities can express themselves through art, not only to reflect their identity but also to showcase through art the problems and the challenges of their respective communities and those of the Lebanese society at large. Presently, TAA is a volunteer-based organisation that brings together youth of different social, cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds to create an alternative movement of social change through arts and culture. Our mission is to mobilise youth and encourage them to explore creative self-expression through performing arts, develop critical life skills, and freely express their opinions, hence becoming the social change and decision-makers, and contributing towards more cohesive communities.



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