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I am a French and Italian actor, trained at the esteemed “Civica Scuola d’Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi di Milano.” My early career saw collaborations with notable actors and directors in various productions.

After 2015, I made significant strides in my artistic journey. In 2016, I showcased my talents at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with “Mr Colombet.” During the COVID-19 lockdown, I innovatively created the online interactive show “The Webcam Circus Show,” leveraging digital technology and filming techniques to engage and entertain audiences virtually. This experience inspired me to further explore the world of videomaking, leading me to enrol in a videomaking course at Cumbernauld College in 2022.

I also pursued a deep study of clownerie, learning from renowned mentors such as Vladimir Olshansky, Leris Colombaioni, and Nola Rae. In 2015, I founded the group “Acting Languages” in Edinburgh, introducing French and Italian Drama courses and igniting a passion for the performing arts in students. Additionally, in 2023, I co-created the multilingual children’s show “A Wander Fool Word” with my friend Guillermo Del Olmo, fostering cultural connections through theatre and expanding my creative horizons.



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