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Uncovered Artistry is a non-profit organisation, based in Glasgow, that celebrates the creativity of survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. We are founded on the belief that creativity and entrepreneurship can be healing and empowering. Uncovered Artistry runs free creative projects and one-off workshops for survivors, aimed towards creative output to the public and a strengthened community of survivors.

Projects include Uncovered Voices, a creative writing project that began with free professional workshops that resulted in an anthology of poetry, prose, essay and illustration by survivors from across Scotland; an International Women’s Day embroidery workshop and public exhibition run in collaboration with the Glasgow School of Art Intersectional Feminism Society; and Toys for Survival, our upcoming sculpture workshops and exhibition, which focus on sensory touch.

We received some great feedback for last year’s Uncovered Voices project. One workshop participant told us that ‘this is a wonderful and a really important initiative, I haven’t come across anything like this before in Scotland […] You are doing wonderful work.’ A workshop facilitator, said ‘I loved the welcoming space you guys have made and the shared belief in writing as a way to reclaim voice. [The project] sets up a firm sense of permission and acceptance that was truly inspiring.’ A contributor to the anthology said ‘Thank you for organising all of this and putting the anthology together so brilliantly! It is beautifully done, full of wisdom and great illustrations – I’m very honoured to be a part of it.’ and another, who read at the launch, commented ‘I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed performing and being part of this project.

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