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Established in 2013, Vox Liminis works to equip people with the creative tools to express themselves. Whether it’s through writing songs in prison, making films, or developing immersive theatre pieces, we help individuals and communities to explore their experiences of criminal justice.

Together we make music and art that opens up questions around how people’s lives are affected by the criminal justice system in Scotland, the ways in which people can make more positive futures for themselves, their families and others and the roles we can all play in building a fairer society.

Vox Liminis aims to facilitate work which sparks the imaginations of all those involved in rehabilitation and reintegration following involvement with the criminal justice system.

When working together with prisoners and their families, Vox Liminis supports families to strengthen and renew the relationships critical to children, parents and carers alike, helping to reduce reoffending.

We recognise that successful re‑entry and reintegration is a complex and multi‑directional process, not solely the responsibility of the ex/offender, but also the work of the family, community and society to which people return.



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