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Wouda Thompson (1994) graduated in 2017 from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen with a degree in Painting. Her artistic work revolves around magical realism, where she captures the enchanting elements of everyday life through vibrant colours and striking shadows. With a focus on still life compositions featuring miniature objects reminiscent of childhood, as well as figures in psychedelic landscapes, Wouda aims to transport viewers into her own inner world.

In addition to her work with oil paints and homemade pastels, Wouda extends her creative endeavours into her small business called Tulsi Moon. Through Tulsi Moon, she shares her passion for handmade crafts, including illustrations, crochet and knitted goods, and a range of perfumes.

Wouda’s journey took a significant turn when she was diagnosed with a chronic illness. Through her personal experiences, she witnessed first-hand the barriers faced by disabled artists in the art world. This ignited her interest in addressing these challenges head-on. Combining her passion for curation and her role as a researcher at the arts charity People Without Labels, Wouda is determined to raise awareness about the social and financial barriers faced by disabled artists, drawing from her own lived experiences.


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