Who We Are

Glasgow Connected Arts Network CiC (Glasgow CAN) is the cultural hub for the advancement of Participatory Arts in the City.


Glasgow CAN CiC is invested in encouraging and maintaining public engagement, awareness and understanding of Participatory Arts in Glasgow. We facilitate skills and resource sharing, and the exchange of ideas, offering our Members and the wider community access to invaluable training, partnership and networking opportunities.
With a Membership growing weekly; we encourage collaboration and connection between artists and communities across Glasgow, and support projects which seek to reach and engage new audiences. We aim to increase participation and learning in arts projects, to promote and advance the economic, social and cultural development of Glasgow, and reflect the diverse communities within it.


We support work which celebrates and recognises our differences and promotes equality and inclusion; with the aim to increase access to the arts for marginalised communities.  We support and encourage projects which specifically involves work with groups including but not limited to: Refugees & Asylum Seekers, the LBGT+ community, young people, women’s groups, the elderly, and those with ill health or disabilities.



We support work which extends the reach of Artists and Organisations to communities which do not have adequate access to the arts. This may be due to isolation, geography, socio-economic status and other barriers. The projects and members we support must have a focus on participation, sharing learning with others. By working together as a creative community we will develop guidelines, share learning and reach communities where there is low provision of creative activity.



We seek to bring people together to promote and develop Participatory Arts. We will actively support Artists and Organisations to work with each other and communities through partnership initiatives. Work which have a clear plan to share learning and information are particularly encouraged.

Our regular Connect networking events and Training Programme offer opportunities for practitioners and organisations to meet with each other, share ideas and to find ways of working together to benefit communities across Glasgow.

Our Team

Janine Matheson

Executive Director

Janine joined Glasgow CAN in 2021 and has over 17 years’ experience working in, and supporting those within the creative, cultural and tech industries. She is a creative producer specialising in cross discipline programming, community engagement and participation. Janine is passionate about finding new ways to create meaningful dialogue, strengthening networks to share and foster new approaches and ideas across creativity, culture and society.


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Lucy Harwood

Freelance Project Coordinator for GAP

Lucy is a freelance project manager, programme manager and creative producer, with a background is in arts project management, events and public art programmes. She brings experience of the ‘managing agent’ model that GAP hopes to establish.


Jade Sturrock

Membership & Communications Coordinator

Jade joined Glasgow CAN since 2019 and is responsible for coordinating the membership programme and Glasgow CAN communications. She is a Glasgow based arts professional with over 5 years experience working with creative & community organisations. Jade has a particular interest in Arts development, promoting arts accessibility and supporting the creative community by connecting people with creative experiences.


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Colin White

Freelance Youth Arts Facilitator


Profile Image of Cat Tyre.
Cat Tyre

Youth Arts Coordinator

Cat joined Glasgow CAN in 2020 and runs the Young Emerging Artists Programme (YEAP) which incorporates The Bold Collective, GCAN’s Youth Arts strand. Cat previously worked as a Producer & Project Manager across Scotland with National Arts Companies, Arts & Literature festivals, and theatres for over 10 years. Cat is passionate about amplifying the voices of young people, championing the cross-over between creative delivery & mental well-being.


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Allan Othieno

Freelance Youth Arts Facilitator


Our Board

Profile Image of Alison Sommerville.

Alison Sommerville


Alison has worked in the voluntary sector for over 15 years. Motivated by creativity and equality she is the project manager of the mental health charity, Common Wheel. She has been a board member since 2017. In her spare time she likes to read books and write fiction.

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profile image of Helen Mill.

Helen Mill

Vice Chair

Helen Mill has been the Executive Director of The Village Storytelling Centre since 2018. She previously worked as the Creative Learning Manager for PEEK (Possibilities for Each & Every Kid) and has 15 years of experience as a participatory drama practitioner within Glasgow. Helen has been on the Board of Glasgow CAN since 2014.

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Profile Image of Greer Pester

Greer Pester

Greer Pester is a practising visual and social artist based in Glasgow, she graduated from Edinburgh College Of Art in 2010 with a degree in Drawing and Painting and has worked extensively for various organisations delivering participatory art projects in Scotland and worldwide.

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Profile Image of Rachel Smith.

Rachel Aisling Smith

Rachel is Director of Strategy at Aerial Edge, Glasgow’s Circus School. Rachel’s performing arts career spans nineteen years as a performer, choreographer, director, producer, lecturer and participatory arts practitioner and she was Artistic Director of Toonspeak from 2015-2018. Rachel has been a Director of Glasgow CAN since its inception.

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Profile image of Jane Gordon.

Jane Gordon

Jane is a Director of Children’s Classic Concerts and has been on the board of directors for Glasgow CAN since 2016.

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Emma Collins

Emma Collins is a coach, consultant, creative producer and fundraising specialist in the arts and charity sectors. She supports leaders and changemakers who don’t fit the mould to reach their true potential. Formerly the Executive Director of the Village Storytelling Centre and a senior leader in the third sector for over a decade, she has been on the board of Glasgow CAN since 2014.

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Darshan Kundi

I work in Finance and Accounting and have over 20 years experience in this area, having worked across a range of industries. I have been involved with GCAN since Oct 2020.

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Aimee Clark

I’m Aimee and I’m currently aspiring to go to Glasgow School of Art to study sculpture and environmental art. I am a practicing artist in painting and sculpture and a huge people person. I am also part of the Bold Collective Committee.

We’d like to thank all our former board members for their energy, commitment and support:


Emma Gillanders, Sarah Longfield, Christine McCandlish, Jain Fiona McIntyre, Andrew Packham, Remzije Sherifi, Kim Stuyck, Mark Traynor

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