Converge 2021

The Bold Collective presents: CONVERGE 2021

Saturday March 27th 2021, 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Converge 2021 is a digital workshop and skill sharing festival, where we invite you to drop in/drop out throughtout the day!

The Bold Collective is the Youth Arts strand of Glasgow Connected Arts Network.


1.30pm – 2.00pm – Creative Grounding Session
2.00pm – 2.30pm – Contradictionary! Drawing workshop
2.30pm – 3.10pm – Mindfulness and Wellbeing
3.10pm – 3.30pm – Meet The Bold Collective! Find out who we are and how you can join us!
3.30pm – 4.30pm – Open Mic session – sign up below!


Creative grounding session with Allan Othieno

Time for some zen creation. This past year has been hard on everyone in different ways.

Sometimes that sort of thing puts us at a distance from our creative selves. This session is a gentle way to get back in touch with your creative centre. There will be no wrong answers and the workshop is be designed to be low pressure and chilled out. Just come along with an open mind, follow along with Allan. And have fun. Who knows… you might even have made something that’s yours by the time you finish.

For this session you will need something to write with. This can be a paper and pen, a word processor on your computer, a graphics tablet. Anything you like.

Contradictionary! Drawing workshop with Andrew Packham

Are you a fan of Pictionary/Charades?! Look no further!
Andrew’s workshop will be based on a Zoom drawing game, where participants can have fun making art from unusual prompts. It’s a great chance to have a relaxed arty session and meet with other creatives!
The only things you need to bring are paper and something to draw with.

Mindfulness and Wellbeing with Ellie Hutchinson

Take some time to connect with yourself. Learn some breathing techniques and hollistic exercises that will help with your everyday health and wellbeing.

Let’s be mindful

Meet The Bold Collective!

Come and meet the committee, find out about previous and upcoming projects, and find out how you can get involved and become a member!

Open Mic Session

Fancy getting paid to perform? Music, spoken word, skill sharing – whatever you fancy, get in touch for your 10-15 minute slot!

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