Member: Renate Kriegler Edwards

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image of hand holding up Renate's ID pass with 'artist' at the top.
Visual artist with an interest and experience in facilitating conversation and recovery through artistic exploration and expression.
Lived Experience / Personal Explorations:
  • Exploring one’s own ideal New Normal
  • Cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery
  • Life beyond a crisis
  • Naming, expressing and owning one’s own feelings
  • Looking for beauty┬áin the everyday
  • Creative Tension
  • Making Transitional Objects
  • Everyone’s an artist
  • Exploring with all the senses
  • Clay
  • Modelling wax
  • Lost wax casting, bronze, silver, gold
  • Mixed media
  • Found objects
  • Environment art
  • Casual photo/video/sound recording walks
  • Synaesthetic Visualisations
  • Kaleidocycle
  • Design
  • 3D modelling, Rhino
  • 3D printing
  • Laser cutting and engraving
  • Virtual / online workshops
  • Groups and one-to-one
  • Exhibitions


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