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an image of Catherine and a co-worker during a performance.

Catherine Rose Tausney is a Glasgow based theatre maker and co-founder of Half-Light Nights Theatre Company. Her practice mainly revolves around creating small scale ensemble theatre with music and narration at the heart of the story. Catherine is also a trained puppeteer (Curious School of Puppetry), a bass player, a trouble maker and can touch her nose with her tongue. She has collaborated with many other companies including Scottish Youth Theatre, Traverse Theatre and Citizens Theatre.

I am a young, resilient and curious individual. I approach things with empathy and humour. I am a working class, Scottish, white, cis-gender artist and my specialities include performing, producing, directing and writing.

My main focus is creating a safe and welcoming environment that allows for raw and engaging storytelling of any kind. I aim to tear down oppressive systemic structures within the theatre industry and pave new ways of working that allows the underrepresented to flourish. I strive to create an engaging, diverse and inclusive working environment where the door is always open to anyone no matter their theatrical experience or know how.



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